What is the Best and Least Invasive Treatment for a 5mm Overbite?

I have a 5mm overbite. I got braces as a teenager so I already had 4 teeth removed. Besides my overbite, as an adult, my teeth are otherwise straight and there is little room for movement between the teeth. I have gotten consultation from doctors and their treatment plans vary greatly...ex. herbst appliance then braces for 6 months, only braces for 18 months pulling top back, braces with pulling bottom forward and top back, invasiglin with shaving teeth for 24 months.

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Best treatment for adult with 5 mm "overbite"

I assume the 5 mm applies to the horizontal discrepancy between your top and bottom front teeth, rather than the the amount of vertical overlap of your top front teeth over the bottom front teeth.

I believe that the best results would be obtained with braces and some sort of auxillary appliance to correct the overbite, such as Forsus springs.  I have seen many adult overbites of the magnitude you describe fully corrected with this approach.  Of course each case is unique, and you should visit an orthodontist who is experienced with several appliance systems, such as traditional braces and Invisalign, to get information about what might work best for you. 

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