Have the Anchor and Vertical Lifts Been "Proven to Fail' in Providing Women with Long Lasting Breast Lifts?

I ask because of the following quote on RealSelf: "Yes, the anchor and vertical lifts are true and tried, but they have proven to fail in providing women with long lasting lifts. The truth of the matter (and every honest PS surgeon will agree) is that a vertical scar inherently weakens the lift. An incision at the point of maximum tension is architecturally faulty. This is the point where most wound failures occur." Would "every honest PS surgeon agree" with this doctor's assessment?

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I'm shocked at that statement.

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First anchor and vertical lifts should not be lumbed together.  They are very different and the lift result from the vertical technique is far superior.  It is no mystery why.  The vertical technique removes the lowest most dependent breast tissue---it is no longer there to fall.  The the breast tissue from the sides is brought together at that site of the vertical scar.  No high tension is needed as opposed to the anchor method where the skin better be tight to hold up the tissue that the vertical lift removed.  If the breast has much weight, the anchor skin tightening will begin to fail even in the first year.  I can't say the vertical lift lasts forever since every woman's skin varies in elasticity.  My experience over the past 9 years though  indicates that the vast majority of women that get a vertical lift will not seek out another lift unless there has been a pregnancy or big weight changes.  9 years is not forever but clearly the vertical lift is a major advance. 

Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Have the Anchor and Vertical Lifts Been "Proven to Fail' in Providing Women with Long Lasting Breast Lifts?

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    There are so many variations on lifts and technical aspects to them, that a sweeping statements offers little information.   For the lift,  I typically start with the smallest incision and custom tailor each breast lift to the shortest scar possible. Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of breast augmentations and breast lifts each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Vertical breast lifts last because they don't rely on pulling the skin, which stretches.

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I don't know what this doctor is talking about. It is not for me to say how honest I am, but there are published scientific studies that show that the vertical (lollipop scar, Lejour technique) breast lift gives much better long term results than the "anchor scar" lift.  That is because it lifts the breast tissue from the inside whereas the anchor lift just pulls the skin.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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No Lift is proven to fail

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Breast lifts are only as good as the quality of skin that is lifted.  If you have very poor skin quality you will have early failure of any lift.  However, you can not use any lift on any person and expect it to perform the same.  Some lifts will do an adequate job for smaller lifts and some lifts are used for more significant lifts.  If you use a minimal lift technique with a maximal lift requirement, you will fail.  Make sure you are comfortable with your surgeon's plan and don't try to get a maximal lift with a minimal lift technique.  Best Wishes, Dr. Peterson

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

Vertical lifts are not "proven to fail"

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Hi Good2BInformed.  I must say that I disagree with the statement.  Over the last 14 years I have had excellent results with vertical lifts.  That being said, I think fullness in the upper breast is more long-lasting if an implant is used.  I think plastic surgeons, like other doctors, can have honest disagreements over the efficacy of various treatments.  Of course, the ones who disagree with me are wrong, but not dishonest!  (grin).

Lewis Ladocsi, MD, FACS
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

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