What is the Amount of Time Between Two Vaser Procedures that I Should Wait?

I am planning on having a breast lift /augmentation with some vaser lipo for the back of the arms and side chest area. I also want to do vaser for my abs and flanks at another time. What is the amount of time suggested between these two procedures? I am open to doing them in any order. What is your suggestion? Also, what are the odds after I have the first procedure that I might not want to come back for a second?

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Time between VASER procedures

You can do all of the above procedures at the same time so you would not have to wait. It is always best to do the abdomen and back at the same time because it is easier to come around the curve and get the best result. If you wanted to break the surgery into two operations, I would do all of the lipo the do the breast procedure at another operation. Either one first does not matter, but there is really no medical reason to break up the operations.

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Combining procedures

I am not sure why you have to wait to have VASer lipo of the three areas and your breast lift/aug at different surgical times.  If that is the case, I would wait a few months for the swelling to improve and for you to heal.

Steven Wallach, MD
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