Does the Amount of Time the Surgeon Takes to Do the Brazilian Butt Lift Effect How Good the Final Results Will Be?

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Brazilian butt lit results

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The amount of time that a surgeon takes to perform a procedure does not necessary translate into good results. You should not be worried about the time a surgeon takes to do the surgery but about his experience doing the procedure. Ask him to show you long-term results of a minimum 6-month period. This procedure takes a minimum of 4 hrs. A lot of liposuction is done to mold your body creating a nice hip to waist ratio. Also, there are positioning implications during surgery that increase the time of surgery. The procedure starts by the patient lying on her back. After the liposuction is done in flanks and abdomen, then, the patient is positioned on her chest for the liposuction of back and fat injection. This procedure is a total body transformation, not only a buttock shaping procedure.

Does the time to perform a Brazilian Butt lift affect the result?

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Surgey times to perform the Brazilan Butt Lift varies depending upon the surgeons's own speed and experience, the volume the be transplanted, the number of donor areas to be used, and the technique. Some surgeons can perform the procedure in 2 hours while others may need 4- 5 hours. It is not the speed of the surgery that affects the result, but rather the experience and technique of the surgeon. From an anesthesia standpoint it is preferable to have a shorter procedure but then again it is the ultimate result that counts. To get the best result make certain that your surgeon is very experienced in buttock augmentation.

The Brazilian Butt Lift and the Time Needed To Perform it

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As a general rule, there is little to no correlation to how long an operation takes and the quality and satisfaction a patient has with the result. Every plastic surgeon is different and works at their own pace. All that matters is how long it takes them to feel satisfied that they have the best result possible. A Brazilian Butt Lift, aka fat injections to the buttock, is going to take most plastic surgeons somewhere between 2 to 4 hours depending on how much fat they harvest, patient positioning and their method of fat preparation prior to injection. All of these factors play a role in the time it takes to do the surgery and influences surgical time more than the 'speed' of the plastic surgeon.

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Does amount of time it takes to do Brazilian Buttock Lift matter?

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The final results matter the most, and not the time it takes, whether shorter or longer.

I can tell you, however, that there are several components of a Brazilian Butt Lift that require attention, and each surgeon has his or her own way of doing them.  This can account for variability in the time required.

For example, the initial part of the operation is sculpting the buttock by removing surrounding fat, and harvesting the fat needed for injection from the hips, flanks, or abdomen. This is an artistic step and deserves sufficient time and care to make it come out beautifully.  Plastic surgery is not about doing things fast; it is about doing things well, the first time.

Fat harvesting is faster with larger diameter cannulas, but there is a difference of opinion about whether smaller cannulas are less traumatic to the fat and result in smaller particles that when re-injected  will survive better.

Re-injecting the fat can also be done with larger syringes and larger cannulas, or smaller ones.  Again, there is difference of opinion about which gives potentially better results. More fat can be injected more quickly with larger syringes and cannulas.

You can see that some choices can inherently lead to longer operating times. Since excellent surgeons achieve excellent results using different techniques, your confidence in your surgeon based on your own research and references should guide you more in selecting a surgeon than the operating time.

Robert M. Lowen, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Lift - Is Surgical Time Related to Results

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If the surgery is done too quickly I do believe the results could suffer. On the other hand, if the surgery takes a significant length of time beyond that which is typical then it really doesn't guarantee any better result. It takes time to sculpt the area the fat is coming from so it looks good and blends well with surrounding anatomical areas. The fat should be harvested at lower suction pressures and this can add time. Injection cannot be rushed either, as this could result in decreased survival of the fat. Ultimately there is no standard time for the surgery but there is always the possibility that a rushed surgery will result in less than optimal results. Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

Brazilian Buttock lift

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The time of the surgery is not important as far as the final cosmetic outcome.

Brazilian Butt lift is technique dependant and the experience of the surgeon is important. A full understanding of the buttock aesthetics is important, reshaping the tissue around the buttock is important.

It is important to minimize the time where the fat is sitting on the back table waiting to be injected. Fat cells are very sensitive.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Amount of time to perform a brazilian buttock lift

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The surgical time to perform a brazilian buttock lift is not related to the cosmetic outcome. The final result has more to do with the surgeon's technique of fat harvest, fat preparation and fat injection. This procedure is usually accomplished in 2-3 hours. All that matters is the final result, whether it takes one hour or 5 hours.

Discuss this in detail with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to undergoing this procedure.

Best wishes,


William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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