Is the Amount of Swelling I'm Experience One Day Post PermaLip Implants Normal? (photo)

I had PermaLip implants placed yesterday with a reputable doctor who had great results with his other patients, everything went great and I've had no complications thus far except for what seems to be extreme and excessive swelling. It started immediately and has only gotten worse, I had 5mm implants in top and bottom and I'm concerned about the final results. I would appreciate feedback before calling my Dr. in a panic as he didn't seem concerned about the swelling at all. Thank you!

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Hi Prettymama89,  Thank you for your question regarding swelling after lip augmentation with Permalip lip implants.  The pictures you attached to reveal normal swelling after Permalip lip implant insertion.  Every plastic surgeon is different and has their own set of post-operative guidelines after Permalip lip implant insertion.  It is very important that you follow your own plastic surgeon's guidelines.  Usually, I suggest applying ice for 20 minutes every hour for three days. Also, I suggest head elevation to reduce swelling. As you know, when you bump your lip, your lips swell. Lip swelling is entirely normal. Therefore, it is completely logical to have lip swelling after Permalip lip implant augmentation. All Permalip lip implant patients have swelling after their lip augmentation procedure. Usually the lip swelling reaches its peak at about 48 to 72 hours after the Permalip lip implant procedure. About seven  to ten days after thePermalip lip implant lip augmentation most of the swelling is gone. I believe your final results will be beautiful, full lips.  I hope that I have answered your questions regarding swelling one day after Permalip lip implant insertion.  If you have any further questions regarding the Permalip lip implant procedure, please contact my office.  Sincerely, Dr. Katzen.

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Swelling following PermaLip Procedure

Thank you for your question. Lip Implants may be a reasonable option for those individuals who are seeking permanent lip enhancement or for those who have not been satisfied with the longevity of effect afforded by hyaluronic acid fillers.

The PermaLip (Perma Facial) Implant is FDA approved for permanent lip augmentation. While this treatment is generally safe, every treatment carriespotential risks that you should discuss with your surgeon.

Swelling in the early period following lip implant placement may be substantial. This swelling typically reaches a maximum within about 24 hours following the procedure, then improves daily so that it is mostly (but not entirely) resolved by 7 days after the procedure. If you have specific concerns, you should always contact your surgeon, who is in the best position to advise you.

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Swelling After Lip Implants

It is common to experience lots of swelling after receiving implants, especially in the area around the lips, which is very sensitive. Bruising is also common. Generally speaking, given time, the swelling will resolve itself. Usually, you will have a follow up appointment about 10-14 days after your procedure. I would wait until then before allowing panic to set in, however, if you have some discomfort around the swelling, you can call your surgeon's office and request their advice.

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Amount of Swelling I'm Experience One Day Post PermaLip Implants Normal

Yes, it appears like normal swelling.  Swelling is dramatic in the first few days with the permalip implant.  Rest assured the swelling will resolve in the next few days. Please discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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Swelling after lip implants

You can expect a lot of swelling immediately after silicone lip implants. Icing will help, but want you really need is some time. Don't panic, this will quickly resolve over the next few days. 

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The Management of Lip Swelling After Lip Augmentation

My patients do well with icing of the lip area off and on for the first few days.

Also, Medrol (short-term steroid treatment) is a good way to speed the resolution of swelling.  Give you doctor a call to discuss ways to manage the lip swelling.

You may also be a person who is more likely to swell, so this is likely playing a role here.   Swelling should decrease some by the third day after surgery.

Good luck!

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One Day Post PermaLip Implants Normal?

Thanks for the question. Yes its too early for thinking about good or bad results. Your PS is right if he is not bothered about the swelling. Lip tissue being softest part of our face is bound to swell more then any other parts and you should not panic. Give it at least 5 days time to settle down before calling your PS.I wish you good luck

Permalip Lip Implant Swelling

Thank you for your question.  The amount of swelling you are experiencing is completely normal.  Unfortunately, swelling will tend to get worse before it gets better.  Swelling and bruising can last up to 7-10 days, to help with swelling make sure you sleep with your head upright slightly and place cool packs on lips - this should help sooth and reduce swelling.  Please make sure you have a follow up appointment with your surgeon after 7-10 days post op - they can ensure everything is healing properly! Best Wishes 

Swelling after PermaLip implant

Thanks for sharing your photos. From the photos, the amount of swelling is typical after lip implant. The swelling is usually most significant for 48 to 72 hours after the procedure. You should start to see the swelling subsides after couple more days. You final result may not be apparent for several weeks. 

Best Wishes,

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