Should the amount of swelling and bruising 3 days after facial rejuvenation be equal on each side of the face? (photos)

Should I be concerned that the fat transfer was not equal and proportionate to each side of my face, or could I just have experienced more trauma to the left side than the right?

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Should the amount of swelling and bruising be equal on each side of the face?

In general there is typically a different amount of swelling (mild amount) and/or bruising on each side of the face after a facial rejuvenation procedure like fat transfer or even a facelift, especially after three days. With time the symmetry will or should appear.  If there is ever a significant difference with pain then you should contact your surgeon to make sure everything is healing normally.

Tip: making sure you sleep on your back and not on your side may be helpful as sleeping on your side can create more swelling on the the dependent (lower) side.  

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Fat Transfer Recovery

It is not uncommon to have some mild, uneven swelling after fat transfer surgery.  The trauma from surgery will always cause bruising and swelling after a procedure, that may be worse on one side compared to the other.  Allow up to three months for the fat to "settle", and at that time you will have a better idea of your result.  Good Luck

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