Do You Have the Same Amount of Fat and Tissues in Both Eyelids?

Can one upper eyelid under the brow feel thicker in fat and tissue than the other? or should they both be symmetrical?

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Do You Have the Same Amount of Fat and Tissues in Both Eyelids?

 This is a very common question when I am teaching Blepharoplasty to resident surgeons and fellows in facial plastic surgery.  Although the yes are similar in the amount of excess skin and fat, they rarely are identical.  The correct approach is to remove the appropriate amount in each eye.

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Asymmetry of the eyelids

Asymmetry of the eyelids (upper or lower) is common in all the tissues of the orbit.  Bone, fat, skin, etc.  Sometimes the differences are subtle, sometimes very pronounced.

Chase Lay, MD

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Asymmetrical eyelids

 When performing upper or lower blepharoplasty surgery we encounter asymmetrical  bony orbits, eyelid skin and fat commonly. We adjust our surgical approach accordingly to attempt to make the eyelids look more symmetrical at time of surgery. Please see the  link below to our blepharoplasty photo gallery

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Asymmetry of upper eyelids

Asymmetry of the upper eyelids is normal. No two are exactly the same as no two of anything on the body is the same.

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TOtally normal

Facial asymmetry is the norm rather than the exception. Around the eyes, the position of the eyebrows, eyelid skin, or eyelid it self can vary.

If you post a photo, we can help to see if this asymmetry is minor, or if not, amenable to surgical correction.

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Do You Have the Same Amount of Fat and Tissues in Both Eyelids?

The vast majority of people have noticeable facial asymmetry. If you look at the eyes of several friends or family members you will notice that the eyebrow position varies from side to side. Further, the prominence of a lower eyelid bag or extra upper eyelid skin varies to a moderate degree. This can be genetic or due to asymmetric amounts of sun damage. In the US we tend to age more rapidly on the left side of the face due to exposure to the car window while driving. I hope this information is helpful. Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Do You Have the Same Amount of Fat and Tissues in Both Eyelids?

     There are usually differences side to side in amount of skin, fat, and relative positions of the brows, eyelids, and bony orbits. 



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