What Are the Best Alternatives if I Am Not a Good Candidate for Zeltiq?

Hi, I have read all the Q&A on here regarding zeltiq, and most answers are all based on being a good candidate, and the available devices. I consider myself a good candidate but afraid that I don't have enough fat to fit into the device. I am very toned. What are the best alternatives you can recommend me? I already workout daily, and eat right. I may expect too much of myself, but if I have an option, I would like to try. Thank you, Cindy

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CoolSculpting vs Liposuction

Without a physical exam, it is hard to say if CoolSculpting is the best option for you.  If you are concerned about the treatment head size, there is always the option of doing liposuction to the area that concerns you. In the hands of an experienced Plastic Surgeon, you can target the problem areas and achieve a more comprehensive result.

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CoolSculpting by Zeltiq may not help the very thin

Without being ablet to examine you, it is impossible to determine if CoolSculpting is suitable for you. If you are thin, eating well, very toned, exercise and don't have enough fat to fit into the device, then CoolSculpting is not for you, nor would liposuction be suitable. Possibly you need no treatment but to get help in changing your impression of your physique. On the other hand, an examination might reveal that ther is a pocket of fat that would fit in the applicator and you might benefit from the treatment.

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You now have a choice

CoolSculpting has been a home-run with most of our patients who have bulges of fat, especially around their middle, that they want reduced. But for those patients, like you, we now have Liposonix. FDA-cleared, it doesn't require that you "fit" your fat into a chamber. It's ultrasound-technology targets fat and is safe and effective.

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Alternatives to Coolsculpting

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, without a physical examination, it is difficult to say what would help you in achieving your goals.  I would recommend meeting with a well experienced plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

Best Wishes!

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