What Are the Alternatives to Chin Liposuction?

Are there any treatments for the chin that have comparable results to liposuction, but don't involve surgery?

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Chin augmentation will improve any blunted neck angle under the chin

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Although this doesn’t avoid surgery, one alternative that might be considered to chin liposuction is chin augmentation with a chin implant.  By increasing the size of the chin, in proportion to the rest of the face, any blunted neck angle under the chin will be improved.  In this way, the contours of the neck will indirectly appear more sculpted and proportionate in many cases.

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Nonsurgical skin tightening

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The nonsurgical methods including laser skin tightening and Thermage will not produce results comparable to chin liposuction. The recovery time from lipo is very short, the pain is managed with over the counter medication, and the incision will not be visible. I don't think that there is a downside to this procedure. Like the nonsurgical methods, it can be performed in the office.

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