Is It the Same 240 Grams of Cohesive Gel as 240 Cc?

Is It the Same 240 Grams of Cohesive Gel as 240 Cc?

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Differences in implants

They are extremely close in weight, but the shape may differ.  There are slight differences in density between silicone and saline, but these are relatively minor.  

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240cc's and 240 gms?

240 cc's and 240 gms are about the same.  Not exactly because of the different properties of silicone as compared to water( the standard).

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Is 240cc's Same As 240 Grams?

For a cohesive implant, the answer is, "No."  In the United States, the cohesive implants that are part of the FDA studies are shaped implants.  This means they have a teardrop shape as compared to a standard silicone gel implant which usually has a round shape.  Depending on the dimensions of the cohesive implant, a 240 gram implant may have different heights, widths, and projections each of which impact on the final appearance of the breasts.  This is why when a plastic surgeon is using a cohesive, form-stable device the implant selection is based on the patient's dimensions and tissue characteristics not just on volume alone.  This is also why the implants are listed by their weight and not just their volume.  A plastic surgeon who is very familiar in using the shaped, cohesive devices can help you understand how these variations will impact your final shape and size after completing a detailed examination and measurements.  Hope this helps.

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Breast Implants Measured in Volume Not Weight

There is some confusion about this so I am glad you asked it.

Breast Implants are measured in volume so that a "cc" which stands for cubic centimeter is the same regardless of what it is made of. Silicone weighs slightly less than water and saline weighs slightly more. The only confusing part is comparing silicone to saline implants in that the cc's of a silicone implant represents the entire volume whereas the shell or envelope of the saline implant is not included just the fill volume. This however is probably less than 20 cc's

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Grams versus Cubic Centimeter of Breast Implant?

You will find that for all practical purposes 240 g of silicone gel is the same as 240 cc.

Hope this helps.

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Breast implants: volume vs. weight

The breast implants on the market are sized by volume, not weight. They are listed in the catalog by volume (cc's), not by weight (grams).


 The specific gravity of silicone gel (0.97) is slightly less than that of water or saline (1.00), so grams and cc are not exactly equivalent. 240 grams of gel would have a volume of just under 250 cc.  .

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