I had the 1540 laser resurfacing 2 weeks ago and my skin looks like an orange peel and waffle stamps on it. Does it go away?

Also recently my skin has started weeping clear liquid sporadically through out the day. Should I be concerned or is that part of the healing process.

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Laser Resurfacing

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Fraxel laser resurfacing is a great laser for removing wrinkles and fine lines and overall pigment and texture.  Two weeks later I am concerned that you are weeping after the procedure.  I would immediately return to the treating physician to make sure you do not have an infection.

Swelling and draining after laser treatment

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After any resurfacing laser there is a low risk of infection and swelling as well as re-activation of cold sores or herpes virus infections.  Some dermatologists give patients antibiotics and antiviral pills to take after (and sometimes before) laser resurfacing treatments. 
Hopefully your issue has resolved by now- but in general I urge people to return to their laser specialist for any questions or concerns after the treatment.  They'll be the best source of information and help since they know which settings they used and they'll be able to examine you in the office. 

Erica Linnell, MD
Bellevue Dermatologist

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