Will injecting botox help reduce the weird lines on the sides of the nose under eyes area that appear when smile? (photos)

hi i have weird lines like in the photos. i think this is from the filler i injected on my dark circle area and nose. it appear only when i make big smile. i wonder will botox on nasal alar or injection site for gummy smile or bunny lines help reduce the muscle that make this wierd lines appear? if so which area and sites would be best to inject and how many unit? in japan and korea they do botox on nose alar area to reduce the alar movement while smiling and also make it look smaller.

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Under Eye Wrinkles

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Thank you for your question and we understand your concerns.  We recommend you find an experienced physician in your local market.  You would probably benefit from a combination approach based on your needs and budget.  After a complete consultation, we normally recommend various options from physician grade products, BOTOX/XEOMIN, filler and possible lasers.  It really depends your needs, concerns and budget.  It may be as simple as BOTOX/XEOMIN injections every 3-6 months and ALWAYS wear a quality sunscreen.

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