Will injecting botox on platysmal muscles only on jaw lines and not injecting on neck still help making my face slimmer?(photos)

i have removed buccal fat pads and had botox on dao muscles but i still got something thick under my skin on lower cheek area next to my masseter muscles and this muscle is thick, so even when i make no expression, its pulling downwards and making my cheek saggy. when i research, botox is used for purpose of the neck lift and not for cheek slimming. will injecting directly only on jaw line on platysmal muscle help making this muscle smaller? i know its not caused from masseter muscle.

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Botox to contour neck

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This type of injection is called the Nefertiti neck lift. It will better define the jawline. It will not slim it as the masseter injection does. This injection is done along the jawline and in the prominent platysmal bands. 

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