I'm 1 week post BA and doctor told me to take singulair. Is this normal? (Photo)

hello its been 1 week since i had my BA OP. i went to check up with my doctor and he gave me singulair and told me to take for a month. he did not mention what this drug is for. i researched about it after and it is for CC. Do you think he gave me this for just preventing CC or am i starting to have CC? my breasts feel tight but its only been 1week post op so i think its just still swelling and and not so hard. but at night it feel harder than daytime.

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For Prevention Most Likely

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Your doctor is most likely choosing Singular as a possible prevention for capsular contracture after breast augmentation.

Singulair after breast surgery

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Thanks for your question and photos.  At one week postop, you do not even have a fully formed capsule so you would not have a capsule contracture.  The tightness is very likely normal swelling after surgery.  Traditionally, singulair has been given for early contractures with some evidence that it may help.  There are some surgeons and perhaps some evidence that capsule contracture rates may be decreased by taking singulair prophylactically after surgery.  Discuss with your surgeon if you have more questions.  Regards,


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Thank you for the question and photos.  Singular is sometimes used for the prevention or reduced incidence of capsule contracture.  As you have stated, it is unlikely that you have capsule contracture at this time.  I would continue to follow your plastic surgeons recommendation at this time.  With time you should have swelling going down and tissue relaxation improving.  With this you should note your breasts getting softer.

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Singulair and Capsular Contracture

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Thanks for reaching out.  I think it is too early to diagnose capsular contracture.  Your surgeon may be giving this to you as prevention.  Speak to your surgeon next time you see them about this.  It is good to keep the lines of communication open.  

I hope this helps :)

Early in recovery phase

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 This early in the postoperative phase it still swelling and the tightness of the pectoralis muscle that you're feeling. It's way too early for capsular contracture. Your surgeon has chosen to give you this medication to prophylaxis you from getting capsular contracture. Congratulations on your surgery.

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