2 month and half post BA. one side is higher and harder (Photo)

my left breast feels alot firmer compared to the right. left breast looks higher than right but when i touch i can feel that positions of both implants are almost equal under the tissue. and Kinda feel like left implant is abit out below from the breast fat. but somehow left looks higher and nipple is higher. Right is soft and move well. Left feels like there is not enough space in there. there is no space to move upwards and to the center. Will it be equal within next few months? or is this CC?

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Nice result.

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I don't see a great difference in the photo although the left breast is slight more "out" as you have stated. This could just be normal for your body. There will always be differences between breasts no matter what is done. As far as CC, this can only be diagnosed on physical examination. So, if you're feeling that it's harder on the left, then you should see your PS for an examination now to see if you have CC. Best, Dr. Aldo

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