Visible scars on the side after double eyelids surgery (Photo)

I have an Asian Upper Eyelids surgery about 5 years ago with an inexperiences doctor. The problems are 1. I have a scar connected to the cutting line like almost 1 centimetre on both side, one of them look like a widen cut and one of them looking a small hole. they are visible and I am more than unhappy about that. 2. when I close my eye, they are darker than the rest of the face, I have a light skin though. Please tell me how can it will be better. Ps. I am not going back to same doctor.

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Asian Eyelid Scars

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I would suggest a Fractora treatment to the scars to try to reduce the depth and minimize their appearance. The Fractora is a fractional resurfacing tool that uses radio frequency energy and would be safe on your skin type. I would try this before going to the extent of revisionary surgery.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Revise the scars with surgery

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I don't think that scar gels or other creams will do it for you. Your skin looks like it has a soft consistency to it and I have a few patients to have that type of skin in their incisions can spread slightly.  When I try to do ahead of time if I suspect they have very elastic skin is to see how flexible the joints of their fingers and wrists are. If they are unusually flexible when I close the incisions I will sometimes put if you subcutaneous vicryl sutures so there is prolonged strength of the incision. That also makes for prolonged redness of the incision but probably give you better results over the long term. You might try excising only the visible scar and closing it into layers.  Consult with more than one plastic surgeon before proceeding.

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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