Treatment for weird chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hey, I have a very prominent mentalis and what looks like an indentation under my lower lip. It makes it look like my chin is receding. My bite is quite deep, but that's mostly dental. What can I do? I've heard about Botox to relax the muscle, but I'm afraid it will make the chin longer in a way? I have a narrow face so I do not want any elongation, rather the opposite. What can I do?

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Treating a weird chin

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Chins can be treated with botulinum toxin (e.g. Botox), especially if they are crinkly ("scrotal chin"), with the results lasting about 4 months. Fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane can be used to enhance or define the chin. Best to have your dermatologist look at you in person.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Treatment for "Weird" Chin

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Without a proper photograph it is difficult to say.  Botox will relax the muscle temporarily and using a filler like Juvederm can soften your jawline and augment your chin.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Botox and fillers for the chin

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Honestly, it is hard to assess your lower face profile based on a radiograph. That being said, Botox and fillers such as Voluma, Juvederm UltraPlus, Restylane Lyft, and Radiesse are commonly used to address mentalis muscle hyperactivity and to augment a recessed chin.

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Chin Augmentation with filler

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its difficult to aesthetically assess your chin from an X-ray image, but many people get filler injected into the chin to address a deep mental crease or make the chin look more balanced with the face.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Quenby Erickson

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