Tooth Veneer Mold Question - Will They Result In A Great Improvement On My Current Teeth? (photos)

I'm getting veneers. The doctor sent me this mold to approve. Do the top teeth look bulky and fake? The front incisors look like they have been built out with a lot of material - it looks like they have almost a ski-slope edge on the top. Is this because my lateral incisor has not been filed down enough and causing for a large build-up of material on my central incisors? The bottom teeth look better. Is this a good result given my particular case and my uneven gums? Should I go for it? Thank you

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Your case needs additional planning before you start

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Hello Edward. I think you really need to consider how the teeth and the gums look together. If only veneers are done, the gums will be very prominent as they show in your photos when you smile. It really looks as if you need to have clinical crown lengthening (Gum lift) performed so that the gum level will look more even and you will not show as much gum when you smile. While you may not be able to raise the Gum as high as on the right central incisor, you could definitely even out the appearance of the gum line as it relates to the lip line using a clinical crown lengthening procedure. I also recommend treating more than just 6 teeth on the top. They are going to be very prominent if you do not have 2 to 4 more teeth treated to place veneers on your premolars. By doing veneers also on your premolar teeth, you will broaden your smile and it will look more natural. Have you considered Orthodontics to straighten the teeth into better alignment first? It is always better to get the teeth into their best position before placing veneers. It does look like you would benefit from veneers due to shape and color issues that I seen your photographs. I definitely feel strongly that you should address the gum issue with a gum lift before you undergo any cosmetic dentistry with veneers. Please visit an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist to consider orthodontic treatment before veneers as well. 
Your case requires the artistic eye and knowledge of a talented cosmetic dentist before any work is  begun. Your wax up in the photographs does not look as good as it could be with additional planning. If you go ahead and do the work, you will get exactly what is showing in the green wax up. I think it can be much more proportional,  attractive and natural-looking.
Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas,  Texas area

Wax up for veneers

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Hi, thanks for posting the pictures. If you have any concern about the wax up your doctor´s made, i recommended you to let him know, at the end, thas the main reason of this cain of procedures, also a mock up could show you a clearly way about how you will look like with veneers. Sometimes something is correct but people like in a different way so the think is that you are the only one who know how you want your teeth. My personal opinios it is a rerally good job, bot centrals are not too square and teeth anathomy show them longer than the other teeth. I had recommended a gum alignment before getting veneers, with that procedures im pretty sure you had been very happy with the results.
Good Luck!

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