How to straighten the front of my nose? (Photos)

I had my nose broken when I was a teenager and the doctor who operated didn't do such a good job. I like the shape from the sides, I only would like to straight the front line. Is there a way? Thank you

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While, yes, a rhinoplasty can straighten your nose from the front view, but in order to achieve this, there may be changes in the side profile as well. You should schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who can assess you in person and then give you a detailed description of what to expect. 


Kouros Azar

Post traumatic rhinoplasty

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Hi seen your pic. as it is post traumatic there is a possibility of adhesions .hence you will need a detailed assessment followed by during the procedure any internal septal deviation if  present has to be addressed along with dorsum of the nose as well as the tip framework all has to be addressed to get an optimal outcome .however do consult a board certified plastic surgeon and go ahead of the procedure.

Deviated nose

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Your nasal deviation can be fixed with a rhinoplasty.  If you like the profile view currently, it is likely possible to conserve that largely.  However multiple areas of the nose will have to be addressed in order to adequately straighten your nose which may change the profile and overall appearance slightly. 

Straightening out a nose with rhinoplasty

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Thank you for the question and the photos.  Yes, you nose can be straightened with respect to the front profile. Al of the structures that are shifted will need to be addressed including nasal bones, septum, and upper lateral cartilages.  A "simple fix" will not work to address in any significant way permanent nasal deviation.  A thorough repair of all of the deviated structures would be needed.

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