Is spontaneous numbness in the breasts normal after breast augmentation?

It has now been 5 days since my breast augmentation. For the first couple of days my nipples and the general area of my breasts were a bit numb but the sensation came back almost completely around the 4th day. However, after wearing a bandeau bra for half of the day, my breasts became extremely numb. I thought the numbness would go away after sleeping but it has not, although it is a little less numb than it was initially when the numbness began.

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Sensation Loss Post Op

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Temporary numbness can be quite common post BA due to increased pressure on nerves. Typically, sensation is restored within the first few months. If you feel that you aren't improving or have ongoing concerns you should visit your Surgeon in person to rule out any issues.
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Numbness and Changes in nipple sensation 5 days post-op

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Thank you for your question!

Changes in nipple sensation are very common, especially this early in the recovery period. Your surgeon may have counselled you about this, but basically what happens is that implants, especially large implants, may press against sensory nerves near the breast tissue leading to either increased or decreased sensitivity in breast sensation. This is why going for a moderate sized implant is best.

You did not feel the pain initially because the swelling started reducing, and because your nerves were most likely blocked using local anesthesia (intercostal nerve blocks).

1 in 7 women find their nipple less sensitive.

Nevertheless, the good news is that for most people changes in sensation are temporary, and everything returns to normal in a year or sooner. This is because as your breasts stretch to accommodate your implants, your sensory nerves will be less compressed over time. The final results from BBA can result anywhere from 3-6 months following surgery. So be patient, all will be well.

It is best to be in touch with you plastic surgeon for follow-ups and questions. Always consult with them first, and their instructions should take precedence over everything else you read here.

Hope this helps.

Numbness post breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question and congratulation on your recent breast surgery. It is very common to experience different levels of sensation in the early healing stages of breast augmentation. What you have described sounds normal but as with any concern it's always best to contact your plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

Is spontaneous numbness in the breasts normal after breast augmentation?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. The breasts may lose their elasticity and firmness which can be caused by different factors such as pregnancy, massive weight loss, lactation and aging. To reaffirm the breasts and restore the natural look your surgeon can perform a mastopexy or breast lift. A breast lift restores a firmer, perkier, and more aesthetically pleasing shape to sagging breasts. This not only can improve a patient’s appearance by restoring her youthful, feminine proportions, but  also help bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably and attractively. By removing excess, stretched out skin, reshaping the breast tissue, and raising the nipple & areola into a more forward position, a cosmetic surgeon can create a more youthful breast contour. Stretched, large areolae can also be reduced during breast lift surgery, creating an overall better proportioned, natural looking breast, Actually the perkiness on a person or another, depends on patients skin and breast tissue… Breast augmentation surgery increases or restores breast size using silicone gel implants, saline implants or in some cases, fat transfer. One of the most popular and frequently performed aesthetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation has a long and successful track record in satisfying women who wish to enhance, regain or restore balance to their figures.

Numbness of the breast skin and decrease in nipple sensation are very normal at 1 week post-op

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While permanent loss of sensation to parts of the breast, including the nipple and/or areola, can occur following any breast augmentation procedure, that is very uncommon, and most of the time the sensory changes are temporary, and normal sensation returns.  It may vary, however, in how long this takes, and sometimes it's a matter of days or weeks, and sometimes it's a matter of many months.  Also, we can have waxing and waning sensory changes too, especially in the early going when swelling, tissue tension, and thickness are still present.  Add to that the wearing of compressive garments like bras and bandeaus, and you can make numbness more likely still from the compression of the garments.  At this point I wouldn't worry too much about this, but I  definitely encourage you to contact your surgeon's office just to let them know this is happening so that they can be aware and make sure there is nothing else to be concerned with.  They may suggest a modification of the wearing of the bras or bands as part of the plan.  Best of luck.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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