How to get rid of that unwanted line? (Photo)

Just got a upper eyelid surgery done a week. Realize there is a clearly unwanted line shown on top of her right upper eyelid. The doctor either didn't cut off enough fat or stitch improperly hence a line is created. It doesn't look nice at all with that extra line. The doctor may suggest for another surgery to fix the line but no more free time for another surgery appointment. Any good solution for this?

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Upper eyelid surger - one week postop

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It is most too soon to speculate on the need for additional surgery. If the extra crease doesn't resolve in 6 months, that would be a good time to reassess your situation. If your lid levels do not elevate in that time frame, you may need ptosis repair. Best wishes.

Assymetric eyelids

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Without seeing any pre-op photos it is difficult to assess accurately. You are very early in the healing process, Asian blepharoplasty can take up to 6 months for all of the swelling to resolve. Once your surgeon feels you are totally healed, residual skin can be removed. I would definitely voice your concerns with your surgeon at your post-op visit to remove the sutures.

Byron A. Long, MD
Marietta Oculoplastic Surgeon
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I would not recommend any more surgery right now until the eyelid is well healed.

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I am not saying that the eyelid issue will resolve.  Frankly I am concerned that the eyelids are profoundly droopy (ptotic) after surgery.  Please let the eyelids heal and see what happens to the eyelid appearance as they heal.  It may be that you will need this bit of skin to fix the upper eyelids.  Please consider reposting in 2 months.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Post upper lid bleph

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You are very early in the healing phase.  As the swelling resolves this secondary crease may flatten out and you may not see anything.   So give it time.  If at 6 months there is still some extra skin it can be easily removed.

Fat Transfer

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Without having seen your preoperative photos, it is difficult to make any definitive statements. There is definite asymmetry of the eyelids. Not only is the swelling below the incisions asymmetric with the left being more swollen and red, but the fullness above the incisions are asymmetric. The left upper eyelid is much fuller. The absence of fat and hollowness of the right upper eyelid is what is causing the second line above the incision. To balance the eyes, I would recommend an autologous fat transfer to the right upper eyelid. But you are still early in the healing process and I would typically not recommend any additional treatment for at least 6 months after surgery.

Melissa Hu, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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