How to remove melasma and acne scars? (Photo)

Recently I am facing a acne problem and about melasma i did everything that required except lasser. The scares are not removing

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Treating Melasma and Pigmentation

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Melasma and pigmentation from acne scarring  is often frustrating for patients and they seek treatment  after trying a variety of therapies  in an attempt to obtain satisfactory results. Like most other complicated skin conditions, a combination of treatments paired with the proper skin regimen works best! Topical de-pigmenting agents such as hydroquinone or other melanin inhibitors along with a topical tretinoic acid to increase skin cell turnover, hastens the fading of uneven patches. This commitment along with specific medical-grade chemical peels, appropriate laser treatments and diligent protection , can enhance the likelihood of reducing or resolving melasma !

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Treatments for melasma

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Clear + Brilliant Laser, Melarase creams twice daily, Melapads, Hydrase Soy Facial Cleanser, and light chemical peels are ideal for melasma. 

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Melasma and Pigmentation

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The best treatment would be a combination of chemical peels and topical bleaches.  Cosmelan is highly effective and only needs two treatments to reduce the unwanted pigmentation.  Strict sun avoidance is always needed.  Best, Dr. Green

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