What could be the reason for slow, poor healing? (Photos)

After rhinoplasty over 2 years ago and revision rhinoplasty over a year ago, the wound healed slowly and poorly. I’d had facial sutures twice years ago with no healing problems. I don’t smoke, rarely drink alcohol, and took zinc, vitamin C tablets and sufficient protein in my diet. First photo is 10 days post-surgery, which I posted here but received no response. Why does it heal poorly? I suppose revision surgery would be pointless, so would filler treatment be the temporary solution?

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I have never seen a scar on the external nose for a rhinoplasty!!!!, But I guess that is Thailand invention

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Revision rhinoplasty scar

That is an unusual incision for a rhinoplasty.  You have thicker skin so the scar will be more noticeable.  Fillers might help.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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