Follow-up Question: Post-upper eyelid surgery. (photos)

posting this question again with additional photo,hope it will help for the doctors review.The incision upper eyelids seems not similar.The right side incision line seems like with a little curve at far end than the left one.Will it look weird with two different style of eyelid?Just got a upper eyelid surgery done a week. there is a clearly unwanted line shown on top of her right upper eyelid.It doesn't look nice with that extra line. Any solution for this? Anything else to take note?

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Post-Blepharoplasty Follow Up

Thank you for posting clear photos with your question. It is still very early after your surgery, and a minimum of 6 months after the procedure is a better time to really analyse the results. Even before your surgery there was notable asymmetry in your upper eyelids, with your right upper eyelid being naturally more hollow that the left side. I would have discussed this with you even before surgery as one would expect asymmetry during the recovery period as a consequence of this. After surgery there is notably more swelling on the left upper eyelid and it is too soon to draw conclusions from this, asymmetrical swelling in the recovery period is very common. I advise all individuals to remain patient in such cases of final recovery, as a secondary procedure is complicated and will further delay your swelling/final results. It is way too early to consider whether further surgery would be needed. Best of luck to you!

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Asymmetrical lids.

Hi there. Greetings from the UK! It's a bit early at the moment to make any final judgements about your eyelids but as you say you do have an accessory crease in YOUR right upper lid which was moderately apparent preoperatively. You can see that in your preoperative photo that you had a subtle higher accessory natural crease with a deeper sulcus due to the fat pad being slight more retracted. Most often these accessory creases become temporarily more apparent post surgery due to swelling but they can take several months post op. Very rarely patients need further revisional surgery to regain symmetry although this can be fairly complicated surgery involving ablation of the higher natural accessory crease and anterior herniation of fat pad to fill up the sulcus deformity. Rest assured though what you're seeing now with this extra higher crease was not created by your surgeon as part of the operation but was already there. It's just that it's become a bit more apparent with the increased swelling below it and with the change in vectors. Try to not worry about it as they often improve spontaneously but can take several months. Indeed I wouldn't normally recommend revisional surgery until at least 6 months post op. Best wishes David.

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