Poor results from picosure! Scar in the pic is 2 weeks post 3 tx. Should I wait longer to see results? (photos)

In the pic i have 1 huge scar and below is a small one. I can live with the small one but huge one is really depressing! 1st pico was done all over to treat pih & these scars, 2nd and 3rd pico was done with more shots on this area. Now the problem is the huge scar is the border is pigmented and it is quite raised. I dont want any pico tx now, what other tx can i go through to fix this? Quite disapointed though that the smaller scar has little improvement with 3 pico tx.

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Atrophic acne scars and ematrix RF

Atrophic acne scars can be improved with fractional lasers, ematrix RF, fillers, and subcision. This combination can help smooth out the skin. 


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