Picosure+tret meds, is it a good combination?

I got picosure to treat an acne scar at the same time the derm placed me in a tretinoin maintenance(basically a toner 2x a day with tret, tret cream nightly daily, moisturizer). I wasnt able to really appreciate the result of picosure since i was peeling and irritated by the tret meds. He had me 3 pico sessions having only 2 days break from tret meds post each treatment. I feel my face is so worst than ever. derm said, it was all ok but i kinda disagree, im goin to seek another doctors advice.

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PicoSure and Tretinoin is a good combination

Without knowing all the details of your skin condition and what exact products you are using, my guess would be that you are likely experiencing the difficulties getting your skin used to your new skin care routine. Tretinoin can be irritating to the skin particularly when you first start using it. When my patients start using tretinoin, I generally have them build up to using the product everyday. So at the beginning they may be using it every other or every 3rd night, slowly building up to everyday as your skin is tolerating it. I do not recommend using toners with tretinoin as this can dry the skin out and cause even more irritation on top of the tretinoin. Also, make sure you are using a good moisturizer that helps with the initial dryness from the tretinoin. Using PicoSure Focus for acne scars along with tretinoin works very well for treating acne scarring, but you probably just need to start more slowly with your at-home products to avoid the irritation. Good luck!

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