How much is it to get liposuction on lower stomach?

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Pricing of liposuction

Pricing for liposuction will be based on multiple factors.  It will vary by surgeon, by region, by type of liposuction platform used, the facility where the procedure is performed, by the extent of the liposuction, and by how long the procedure will take.  During a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, these questions can be answered and a quote can be provided for you.  

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Liposuction of lower stomach cost

The cost is different for every plastic surgeon and the area you live in. That being said, find and visit a board certified plastic surgeon. During consultation, the surgeon will give you a final quote for the procedure.

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How much is it to get liposuction on lower stomach?

Hi Nikkiwin,

Thanks for the question-What is the cost of lower abdomen liposuction ?.Here in Dubai the cost ranges between 5000 $ to 6000$ depending upon your weight.This in tern refelcts how much need to be sucked out.
I wish you good luck.

How much is it to get liposuction on lower stomach?

Prices vary from region to region, practice to practice. Best to get in person evaluation and see what you are a candidate for and how much it is. 

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Liposuction costs $1000-$1500 per area treated.

Depending on the type of anesthesia used in the BMI have the patient expect to pay $1000-$1500 per area for liposuction.

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