I went to have an otoplasty in Thailand. My ears straight after looked much wider then before. Will the headband help? (Photo)

basically the doctor said there is otoplasty , and ear reduction , having both problem , owner for an ear reduction as my earswere wider just on the top (bat ears). but after surgery and with stitches lready closed they look worse, much wider , first the doctor was like u Asked ear reduction not otoplasty , you need to wait six months to do otoplasty u can't do it together I don't recommend it , when I saw I was upset he said with bends and headband will be ok , does all of this sound normal ?

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Otoplasty. Headband.

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Hi. Thank you for your question. Usually, after an otoplasty the skin is thicker or wider due to the inflammation. It would be helpful to see a picture of your ears without the gauze in order to tell if they performed  a correction of the antihelix. This could be why the upper part of your ear looks stuck out. I would recommend you to consult with a plastic surgeon for a valuation. I hope this helped

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