How many fractional CO2 will be needed if I already had 3 PicoSure Focus for a facial scar?

I only have 1 facial scar that id like to improve. I have tried 3 picosure focus for the entire face with many passes on this facial scar(huge atrophic). Tx was spaced 2 & 3 weeks apart. Today is 4 weeks post my last pico tx and i am also scheduled for fractional co2(spot treatment only). I can say my huge scar has improved with the pico, the edges have soften and the pitted scar did effaced. Now, my question is how many fractional co2 will i need to have max results?

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Timeline of Laser Healing

Early results after laser are due to swelling of the deep layers of skin, and are therefore not an accurate indicator of long term results. Long term results will not be known until the collagen layers reorganize. This process takes several months. Its reasonable to continue with your doctor's treatment plan, not because of the temporary results you are seeing, but because your doctor knows what treatment to give you new for the best long-term result.

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