Is it possible to keep the old ear cartilage while having a revision only on the bridge of the nose due to crooked goretex?

I had revision rhino using goretex on the bridge and ear cartilage on the tip of my nose. However, the goretex wasnt symetric therefore I discussed it with my surgeon and he said he will redo the goretex while keeping the same ear cartilage on the nose tip. Is that possible? will it impose any risks or problem in the future? my doc said its fine but i want more opinion on this please help!!

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Removal Nasal Gortex Implant

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Yes it is possible to remove and/ or replace a nasal dorsal implant without disturbing or changing previous tip ear cartilage reconstruction. Is your physician planning to simply take out your implant? If so, a closed approach may further simplify your surgery. Will you need additional future nasal surgery? Best to understand exactly what is being proposed for your revision before you proceed. 

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