Thailand Clinic for Teeth Whitening?

We hear that it is less expensive than AUD $ to have teeth whitened OS. I have see the discussions of Lazer versus Zoom and Peroxide %'s and AcquaBrite seems to be least harmful of the three - but im still unclear as there are so many opinions. Would the AcquaBrite process be available in Thailand and if so would anyone recommend a reputable clinic?

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Check out KoR Whitening!

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Dentistry is a wonderful profession because there are many ways to do things!

Over the last 3 years, KoR Whitening has been the most reliable & predictable  whitening system that I have used in my office. It's a 3 part system where a weak concentration of whitening gel is used  in specially fabricated trays for 2 weeks,to condition the teeth. Then an in-office component & then a maintenance regimen. Patients have been extremely happy with their results!

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