Can I have a breast augmentation without breast lifting based on my breast condition? (Photo)

Im 36 yrs old, height 168cm and weighted 62kg, im a mother of 3 and i have been consulting to a few PS for my BA, nobody but the last PS saying i need to have a breast lift, otherwise i might have 'a Snoopy Breast' with implant. I have been reading a lot of Realself stories and infact i am scared of doing Breast Lift, eventhough many of them are succesful. So please doctors, if i want to have a nice fuller breast not gigantic ones, do i need to go for a lift too? Thank you in advance

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No need for a lift

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Based on your photos you will not need a lift - a simple great augmentation with implants only will give you a good result - good luck

Breast Surgery

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Thank you for your question and for your picture. Based on your photograph alone it appears that you are an excellent candidate for a breast augmentation. If you didn't fell comfortable with any of the plastics surgeons that you have consulted with so far, I would advise you to continue you search.

Breast Augmentation

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It does not appear from your photos that you would need a breast lift. You just need to have the proper implant placed for your body type. Good luck!

Brian Widenhouse, MD
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

No Lift Needed

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It does not appear that you require a lift based on these photos. you may wish to select a full projection implant to help fluff out deflated breast tissue but your Plastic Surgeon will be able to measure your breast and proviode size options for you based on your anatomy and your preferred look. my patients find it helpful to try on implant sizers with a form-fitting T-Shirt in the office in order to get an idea of how they will look.

be sure to select a board certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in this area,.

All the best 

Do I Need a Breast Lift? #breastaugmentation #breastlift

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  • Based upon the photo that you have provided, you do not appear to require a breast lift.
  • A breast augmentation alone should provide you with a very nice result.
  • There are a couple instances when a breast lift is helpful.
  • When the nipple position is very low, a breast lift is needed.
  • Also, when a woman has parenchymal or glandular ptosis (sagging), a breast lift is helpful even if the nipple is in acceptable position.  Parenchymal or glandular ptosis refers to a breast that has a lot of breast tissue hanging below the infra-mammary fold.  In such cases a breast lift is advantageous.
  • You don't appear to have nipple ptosis or glandular ptosis. 
  • Thanks for sharing!

Breast Augmentation - Am I A Candidate?

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Thank you for your question. It appears you are an excellent candidate for breast augmentation surgery. The proper implant must be selected to fill your skin envelope. Please have an in-person examination with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic breast procedures. Ask to see a lot of before and after photos of what can be achieved with implants. Hope this helps and good luck.

Breast Augmentation alone

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Good question and you would have to be measured during your consultation. By the pictures it appears that by adding volume you will achieve your goals

Frank J. Ferraro, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Do I need a breast Lift?

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This is a common question and fear. It can sometimes be difficult to say as a lot of women lie on the border of needing a lift but you don't. I can say that you do not need a lift as your nipples are clearly sitting well above the fold of your breast. An implant could be placed so that the fold was lowered a little to create a very pleasing appearance. Do not let yourself be talked into a lift and please see a board certified PS.

best wishes  

To lift or not to lift

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Thank you for your question and your picture. Based on your picture I think a breast augmentation alone should provide you with an excellent result. Your nipples appear to be sitting above the level of your breast crease. Centering the implant below you native breast tissue is the most important consideration. A lift of course involves additional incisions but realize that a breast augmentation will widen your nipple diameter. For most women, the nipple will remain at approximately the same position on the breast after an augmentation. So, if you need a lift, an augmentation alone is not going to correct the nipple position. The size implant you choose will have the biggest impact on the final result. Make sure you're comfortably with the advice from your surgeon in terms of the size implant you've both agreed upon. Good luck!   

John L. Clayton, MD, PhD, MPH
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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