Is Bonding best choice to fix the yellowish coloring of my 2 front teeth if I have lost enamel there? (photos)

I've always taken good care of my teeth, never drink coffee, tea, soda, etc, and just realized why the 2 front teeth are turning yellow. It's because I have lost enamel on those teeth. I went to dentist here in Thailand and they confirmed w X-ray and exam my teeth are super clean & agreed looks like enamel has worn away some. Is bonding those 2 teeth an option? Is it the best option? What is approx cost back in US for those 2 teeth and would it look natural? Thanks so much for any response.

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You can first try to whiten those 2 front teeth and see how they respond. If they look better, then you've achieved your goal. If that doesn't work, you have 2 options. You can get porcelain veneers to cover the front surface of the teeth or you can have bonding done to cover the front surface. Porcelain is most esthetic but a qualified cosmetic dentist can do a great job with bonding. The porcelain is more expensive as well. The cost is variable depending on location, but a veneer can be from $1000-$2500/tooth. I hope this helps!

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You have two options:

1.  Bonding: which is the least expensive option and will get rid of the yellow spots

2.  Porcelain veneer on both teeth: this is a more aggressive and more expensive option 

If you can maintain the color of your teeth easily, bonding is the best option at this time.  You can always do porcelain veneers later.


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