3 PicoSure Focus plus Fractional CO2

I want to improve a huge atrophic scarring in my cheek. Ive done 3 pico but it is so expensive in my country so i switched to fco2 to continue my tx. I am 1 week post my 1st fco2(spot treatment only) & 5 weeks post my last pico focus. As of now, i can say there is an improvemnt in the appearance of the scar. My question is, when shall i see a marked improvement? I want to improve the scar by 80-90%.. how many fco2 shall i undergo?

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3 PicoSure Focus plus Fractional CO2

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Thanks for your query. Fractional co2 laser will also show improvement though a little slower from pico sure focus. The results take a number of sitting and a little longer time but you get a similar results as with pico sure. Hope it helps.

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