Will a TCA Peel be Effective on an African American Woman?

I am a dark skinned black female (Naomi Campbell Complexion) and I want to do a effective chemical peel.

How well would a TCA 20% peel work? I now have glycolic acic 70% and have done a patch test. No reaction. I am looking for renewed skin result. Smoother, younger skin.

What is recommended that will actually work for a person like Me? Hundreds of dollars for treatments is not what I am looking for so please do not suggest this.

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TCA peels

Your dermatologist is the best source of advice for what ur skin needs. To answer your question, TCA peels are done without any problems for african-american skin. The concentration used is 10-25%. Another option is Jessner's solution peels. 

Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

Unfortunately Chemical Peels are not cheap when do correctly by a Doc.

Don't try to do a chemical peel on yourself.  There are many disasters out there when this happens.  Your doc will probably recommend a few 10-20% TCA peels for you to get to the desired results.  Good Luck,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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