Textured Silicone Implant Vs. Smooth Silicone Implant?

What is the difference between the two? I read the smooth is a bit stronger than textured but can ripple? Also textured has less chance for capsular contracture, is this true? And the textured silicone implant is much firmer than the smooth. I am strongly considering smooth would it really make a difference if its sub-muscular? Thank you.

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Smooth Vs. Textured

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There will probably be some different opinions here, but this is my feeling based on 28 years of experience. Smooth implants are LESS likely to ripple and break. Textured implants are slightly less likely to become firm (capsular contraction), but the difference is small and disappears if they are placed under the muscle. Tear Drop shaped implants are mostly textured so that they are less likely to rotate. So, I prefer smooth silicone implants.

I hope this helps!


Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Textured vs smooth implants

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Textured were creating with the thought that they may decrease the risk of capsular formation. The literature is equivocal.  I personally do not like textured implants because I do not think they move as naturally as smooth ones.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Textured v smooth breast implants

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Textured implants went through a phase of popularity in the late 80's and early 90's.  it was theorized that the rough surface would help prevent the capsule from shrinking (contracting), hence give a softer result.  Statistically this did not hold up.  Textured implants become fixed to the tissues like a velcro seal.  This causes three issues (in my opinion).  The first is that the edges of the implant are more visible so an unnatural ring can be seen surrounding the implant..  The second is that tissue attachment reveals all of the implant wall characteristics, and thus shows more wrinkling.  The third is that textured implants do not have a natural motion.  They stay fixed like you are still wearing a bra.  A normal breast will move as you change body positions, say from your back to your side.   

Mary Lee Peters, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Smooth vs. Textured Implants

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The main advantages of textured implants over smooth implants is that they help to stabilize the position of the implants, as they are less likely to migrate out of position over time.  Secondly, recent data has reinforced the concept that textured surface silicone implants lowers the risk of capsular contracture. Finally, by having textured implants, it limits the need to do breast massage after surgery for capsular contracture prevention and is therefore more convenient for patients.
Generally, the implants will not feel much different through the skin or look that much different if the implant shape and size are similar. I use these implants to maintain control of my results and make sure that they last as long as possible. In very thin tissue patients, the shallow of a textured implant sometimes can be more palpable than a smooth implant because it is slightly thicker. However, with the more cohesive gel associated with these implants and the advantages I mentioned earlier, I feel that the pros for most patients outweigh the cons. I tend to use smooth implants for revision surgery where I am reusing an old smooth implant pocket because textured implants need a unique contact with fresh tissue to provide the advantages that I discussed earlier.

Robert Cohen, MD
Santa Monica Plastic Surgeon
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Textured vs smooth walled implants

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Your question is not easy to answer without an examination or photographs. There is certainly not once size or type of implant fits all. Some women are more appropriate candidates for smooth walled implant while other are better candidates for textured shaped anatomic implants. It you have sufficient soft tissue to cover the implant and you have a normal distance from the inframammary crease to the nipple then a smooth walled gel implant will be fine. But if you have a short distance from the nipple to the crease, in the 3 to 5 cm range and the only shape of the breast is the implant then a round implant will look round and not as natural as an anatomic implant. In some individuals I believe that the shaped textured implants will prevent complications such as a double bubble or bottoming out and malposition because the texturing helps the implant stay where you want it. The dissection for a shaped device is much more meticulous than with a round device since a shaped implant must fit in like a hand going in a glove. I use both smooth and textured implants. The procedure must be individualized and your plastic surgeon should have experience using both types so that you can get the optimal result. I find one of the biggest differences between a smooth implant and a shaped implant is that with a shaped implant the implant shapes the breast and not the other way around. Educate yourself about both types and make the best decision with the help of your plastic surgeon.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Textured vs. Smooth Implants

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I only use smooth implants in my practice. Textured implants tend to feel firmer and are less mobile as the shell is thicker. At one time it was thought to help reduce capsular contracture but with time findings showed no reduction in contracture.

Smooth or textured

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This refers to the surface of the implant shell. It can be textured, meaning it has a bit of a rougher texture, or smooht. There is no bearing on firmness. Studies have shown that textured implants may reduce the incidence of capsular contracture, however some surgeons do not believe this to be true. In my personal experience, I have foudn that the risk of CC may be reduced but I am still researching the topic.

Ronald Levine, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Textured vs Smooth Implants

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Smooth is generally preferred however textured has been associated with a lower rate of capsular contracture (although new research has found that this may not be the case anymore).

Textured vs. Smooth Breast Implants

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Thank you for your question.
You will receive different recommendations from different surgeons depending on their preferences.  I prefer to use smooth, round breast implants for my patients and have found them to be the least complication prone implants available.
Visit with well experienced plastic surgeons to get good advice.  Also, ask to see examples of their work.
Best wishes.

Purpose of textured implants

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If you are going sub-musclar, there is no difference between the two implants.  Textured implants are designed for pre-pectoral position to decrease capsular contracture.  Sub-musclar implant placement is more effective then textured implants in preventing contracture.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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