Do Texture Implants Sag Less Than Smooth Ones over Time??

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Textured wvs smooth implants

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Textured implants are thought to not move as easily as smooth implants.  I have not heard that they will not sag as much as smooth implants.  I think as the tissue laxity progresses, the weight of the implant is more important.

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Breast tissue descends with age and time, as a general rule. Textured implants tend to stay put, whereas smooth implants tend to be more prone to gravity. If there is a lot of lower pole laxity or descent, smooth implants over time will tend to fall as the breast tissues fall. Textured implants tend to stay in place, and if the breast tissue laxity and descent is severe, it can give the appearance of a waterfall: hence, the term waterfall deformity, as the lax breast tissues fall off of the implant surface. In this case, lifting the breast tissues to reposition them over the stable textured implant, usually gives significant improvement.

Good luck!

Sam M. Sukkar, MD
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Textured Breast Implants and Sagging

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Breast shape and the way it is affected by breast implants is MULTIfactorial in which implant surface (textured VS smooth), Shape Round (low, moderate, moderate plus and high profile) VS Anatomic (tear drop), Fill (saline VS silicone gel), Volume (in cc's) and weight (in grams) interact with YOUR breast volume and cover, location of the breasts on the chest wall, slope of the chest wall and area of flatness on which the implants can sit - ALL combine to dictyate the final look.

Textured implants DO have a velcro like effect by adhering more to the chest wall than smooth implants and as a result sag less when compared to SAME volume/weight round implants. However, they also ripple more and leak more frequently than their smooth counterparts.

No easy single answer here. All factors need to be weighed and analyzed as they pertain to you.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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Breast Implants and “Sagging"?

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Thank you for the question.

Keep in mind that it is breast tissue,  not breast implants,  that “sag”.  I do not think there is significant difference in breast implant movement regardless of surface texturing.

I hope this helps.

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