Do surgeons offer payment plans for rhinoplasty?

I will soon be 18 years old and have not left my home for nearly a year. For the past 4 years I've been living with social anxiety and am unable to work because of how self conscious I am about my nose. I was wondering if surgeons offer payment plans for people who really need it.

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Payment plans for surgery...

Right now you need to focus on improving your mental well being. A surgery is not a magic pill that will cure your anxiety and psychiatric issues. In fact, many patients go through a period of depression in the post-operative period because no matter how much you think you are prepared for things, seeing yourself swollen and not fully healed is a shock. You need to be strong enough to handle that, and based on your description, you aren't. Please seek the guidance of a psychologist in conjunction with the consultation of a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon for a rhinoplasty evaluation.  If you are a good rhinoplasty candidate, surgery should be performed only after clearance from your psychologist/ psychiatrist.  In regards to your question, most surgeons partner with surgical credit companies that will allow you to make payments (often interest free for a period of time), such as carecredit or prosper healthcare lending. Good luck to you...I wish you the best!

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Payment plans

Surgeons are not bankers,so they don't loan you money to pay for the surgery. They would take a high risk of default They often take credit cards or fix you up with one of several healthcare financing companies.You need to be creditworthy or have someone guarantee that you will pay.

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