Snoopy droopy breasts. Not settled? (photos)

I had a BA back in August 2007. I was always concerned about how my implants never really settled the way I wanted. I have one child and breast fed for like 3 months and my breasts are just like saggy and my implant is like on the top, they're not hard or anything they feel natural it's just the position is weird. I have full C's and was thinking to get small D's. will that fix the issue? or maybe positioning the implant lower?

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From your pictures, I think you have under corrected ptosis (droop) rather than implant malposition.  A loose skin envelope can be addressed in two ways:  using a bigger implant (probably 100cc or more) or by doing a mastopexy.  I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience doing revision implant operations. 

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