Houston Top Belotero injector?

The last injector was rushy and caused a lot of bruising and lumps etc. uneven lips from marionette lines treatment above lip with belotero. What technique is normally used. One injection ro many injections in same line.
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Belotero around the lips

Belotero is a fine wrinkle eraser.  If your lips are uneven you need to consult a board certified injector with experience with this type of filler.  Because this filler is meant for fine lines, technique is really important.  Best, Dr. Green

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Realself can help

Dr. Cho in Spring Texas just outside of Houston has 27 answers about Belotero on realself.com.  Please see the web link. He should be a good place to start for a "top belotero injector".
A rushed injector may cause more bruising and lumpiness or too many injections in one wrinkle line.

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