I've gained weight. Should I cancel my TT?

My TT is scheduled for July 15. I've gained weight. We went on a cruise and I let loose! I've gained 14 lbs. I weigh over 215 and I usually stay around 190. If I cancel my TT I will have to wait until next summer. Should I hold off for a better results or go forward now and focus on fittness after surgery? Will losing weight have a huge effect on the results or improve it? I've heard conflicting opinions.

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Weight gain before tummy tuck

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Elective cosmetic surgery (including tummy tuck) should be performed when 1) you have reached your stable, goal weight, 2) you are medically, physically, and socially optimized, 3) you are healthy, and 4) you can obtain a great cosmetic outcome.
Your cosmetic result will likely be better when you are 190lbs, rather than 215lbs.
Please visit your plastic surgeon so that he/she can examine you in-person.
Best regards.

Weight gain

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I calculated your BMI based off of your height in another post and it is 36. Might be safest for you to try and get below 30 for the best outcome. This surgery is not without risk and you want to be as safe as possible. I vote for healthy eating and exercise, then do the surgery when you are feeling great about your accomplishments!

I've gained weight. Should I cancel my TT

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Thank you for your question.  A photo would be helpful.  If your planning to lose weight (>30-50 lbs) then postpone your tummy tuck until you reach your goal weight.  Best wishes!

Dr derby

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The best is to discuss this directly with your surgeon or add a few photos to your questions ... to ssee if we can advise you better. Best of luck

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