Still not dropping or early signs of capsular contracture? 4 weeks post op (Photo)

I'm 4 weeks post operation now and my left has always been bigger (actually I got more ccs on that one Due minor assymetry). My left is droping nicely but my left is still high and it is like more rounded as you can see in the picture. Is a little firm but not too much but i can feel it tighter than my right. Could it be that it is still droping or maybe signs of capsular contracture? Im taking singulair right now

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Give your body more time to heal and adjust to your breast implants.

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While capsular contracture can be a risk after breast augmentation, it’s more probable that your breast implants are still dropping. Breast implants can take up to 6 months to completely soften and settle into the pocket prepared by your plastic surgeon. During these months, one implant may drop sooner than the other, leaving you with a slightly uneven look and a different feel as your skin and tissue stretches to accommodate the implants. Keep watching your breast implants and if they still look and feel different at 6 months post-op, you may want to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

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4 Weeks Post-Op Concerned About Capsular Contracture

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At only 4 weeks post-op from Breast Augmentation, you still have a long way to go in your recovery and healing. Your breasts can take three months or more to settle into position. It's natural for them to feel tight and look rounded and sometimes even a bit mis-shaped for awhile before they "drop" into place. Try to be patient and don't get discouraged. You have a nice result which should keep improving as your body heals!

Robert N. Young, MD, FACS
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Still not dropping or early signs of capsular contracture? 4 weeks post op

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Thank you for your question and photograph and it appears that you will have a very nice result.  After placement of implants, the overall appearance of the breasts will change dramatically over the next several months, as the implants drop, and the overlying tissue stretches to accommodate the extra volume.  At one month, your implants appear to be settling, with your right having dropped a bit sooner than your left.  This is very common.  I would anticipate your left breast implant to follow suit within the next two weeks, once the swelling in your muscle and breast tissue resolves further.  I know waiting is difficult, but judge your results at 4-6 months after surgery as most of your breast changes should have occurred by then.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Implant dropping slowly or Capsular Contracture?

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Thank you for your question.

The breast can take months to drop for some patients so, please do not be discouraged and know that many women experience differences in healing and implant adaption rates of their breasts.

Also realize that implants initially sit high up because the chest muscles and surrounding breast tissues have not become accustomed to the implant resulting in tightness. You have to allow gravity to take effect, and overtime, natural tissue expansion will allow the implants to fall into place causing your breasts to appear more natural, softer, and rounder.

With regards to capsular contracture (CC), in general, it can occur at any time, but most cases are documented in under 12 months (i.e., anywhere from 3 months to 12 months post operation). This is because it takes time for the fibrous tissue capsule to form around the implant, and then it will have to scar down (contract).

Nevertheless, CC can start early when there is significant bleeding or infection or another co-existing problem. I am assuming this did not happen, so it would be too early for a capsular contracture.

Although singulair may be helpful in treating mild capsular contracture, please do not start anything without consulting your plastic surgeon.

You may have to wait 3-6 months for the final results. If the breasts still appear different at that point in time, then you may share your concerns with your surgeon and they should be able to fix the problem.

Please continue to have regular follow-ups with your surgeon to make sure your breasts are healing beautifully. Their recovery instructions should take precedence over all else you read here as they are better informed about your surgical details.

Hope this helps.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Implant not dropping

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Generally speaking, especially early in the post-operative phase of healing, it is not uncommon to have one or both implants appear to be high up by the clavicle. Although the “pocket” may be made correctly, the implant may not have access to the bottom for several reasons. If the overlying muscle or skin is tight, this will move the implant to the path of least resistance which is up and towards the underarm where there is little or no pressure. As the pressure relaxes, the implant will drop down to the bottom. Smooth implants, because their surface is slippery, may move faster downward than a textured implant with its rough surface. Because these variables mentioned above can be different for each side, it's not uncommon that one side will drop faster to the bottom of the pocket than the other. Similarly, sometimes one breast will swell more than the other or be more painful than the other early in the postoperative phase. After the first month or two, usually things will even out. It wouldn't be, in my practice, until four months or so has passed that I would entertain going back to the operating room to “touch up” the location of the breast implant in the pocket. Sometimes specialized bras or straps as well as massage and stretching protocols may be helpful in allowing this process to happen more quickly. Each plastic surgeon will have different thoughts on what the best protocol is for the patient. Your operating plastic surgeon will be your best resource to have this information passed on to you. I recommend that you faithfully follow up and follow the instructions of your chosen plastic surgeon. Congratulations on your surgery, and good luck on an uneventful recovery.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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One side not dropping

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Hello, occasionally implants will settle at a different rate, particularly if different implants were used on each side.  The process can take several months so your surgeon will be able to follow it along with you.

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