Radix Problem 1 Month Post Dorsal Hump Rhinoplasty?

A month post dorsal hump rhinoplasty, the bridge b/w my eyes is swollen. It's a red bump veering right. The sensation bothers me. Thinking it was swelling, I pressed on it w force for the first month. I met with my surgeon. Thinks it's an inflamed radix graft. Wants to wait few months, then possible in office procedure. Per the report, "crushed cartilage placed along the radix area for further alignment of the nose." Question: what's the fix? Do I have to wait MONTHS?

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Inflamed Radix Graft

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Yes, I would not recommend any revision surgery for at least one year from your present surgery. You must give the tissues time to mature and “normalize”. Without a picture I cannot comment on the “fix,” but I suspect that your surgeon may be referring to redoing the graft.


Good luck,

Dr. A

Radix graft and swelling

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At one month after surgery and a radix graft, it is probably best to wait it out unless there is a suggestion that it is infected.  Follow closely with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Radix Swelling after Rhinoplasty

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Listen to your plastic surgeon and wait several months. That would be the prudent approach. It most likely is a self-solving problem.

Swelling after rhinoplasty and radix graft

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IT is actually quite common to have persistent swelling in the radix after placing grafts in that region. At one month, the results are still early, and I would advise close follow up with your surgeon. The swelling will certainly take time to go down, and if it is excessive, your surgeon might consider a steroid injection to help calm the swelling.

-Jamil Asaria MD FRCSC

FACE Toronto

Jamil Asaria, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swollen Radix Gra

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I believe your surgeon is following the correct approach, especially 1 month after surgery. 

It is possible that this may be a temporary issue and that the swelling may resolve without the need of a procedure.
I would also stop pressing on that area, and allow for the swelling to resolve on its own.   Best of luck,

Michel Siegel, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling after rhinoplasty

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At my Austin, Texas plastic surgery practice I often perform primary and revision rhinoplasty surgery and use crushed cartilage grafts to the radix area.  It is not unusual to have swelling after rhinoplasty especially for the first several months.  As long as your surgeon feels the graft is not acutely infected then watchful waiting for at least 6 months would be a common approach.  

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