PS Wants Me to Schedule Surgery Before Going over Implant Size?

I have been to two surgeons now for breast implants. The first one I didn't care for, the second one I liked, but there was an issue. The PA said, they let the patient try on sizes and get all that figured out at the second appointment. However, when you call to make the second appointment you must be prepared to schedule/pay for surgery. I am not comfortable scheduling surgery before I go through sizing. Is this a common practice? I want to be comfortable with my decision.

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PS Wants Me to Schedule Surgery Before Going over Implant Size?

This is not the procedure in my office nor most PS's. It is reasonable at the first consultation to try on implants and get an estimate for implant size. There should be no pressure to schedule surgery. At the second consultation, we go over the size and may try on sizers a second time. Getting the right size implant is very important and will reduce patient dissatisfaction.

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Booking surgery before going over implant size

Every office is different how they handle consultations etc.  We typically try on implants at the consultation to get a general idea of implant size.  When you schedule,  we will set up a pre-operative appointment and you try on implants again along with other things like going over consents, etc.  Then the day of the surgery, we confirm implant choice again.  It's a very important decision and as much time and thought you can put into it is strongly recommended so you and your surgeon can make the best decision together.  If you are not comfortable perhaps interview another surgeon or ask your surgeon to make this decision with you prior to booking, it's not unreasonable to request that.  ac

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PS Wants Me to Schedule Surgery Before Going over Implant Size?

Thanks for your question. It's really interesting.
You and your plastic surgeon should decide together the best choice in size of your breast implants, this will be done during the first visit and will be  discuss and confirm the day of surgery if necessary. This is very important.

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PS Wants Me to Schedule Surgery Before Going over Implant Size?

I totally agree with you. I would call and speak to the surgeon directly and let him know you find this requirement to be inappropriate and then I would find someone who cares more about making you happy than just filling his schedule to do your surgery. Also, there is no reason at all not to have determined this at the original meeting.

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Breast augmentation sizing protocol

All surgeons handle their sizing differently. I measure my patients chest width and use that as a guide. I generally have patients come back and spend time deciding on a size once they have decided they want me to do their surgery. The time they or their staff spends with you is valuable. My guess is they want some form of commitment on your part before moving forward. It's really up to each practice how they handle payment timing and sizing. I would want you to feel comfortable and would be happy to help you try out different sizes. That's just my practice philosophy though.

Good Luck!

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PS Wants Me to Schedule Surgery Before Going over Implant Size?

I agree that their procedure is a bit odd, I have my patient work on sizing while at their first visit; some women are ready to schedule at that time.  Other women need more time to think, and they are welcome to come back again to try on the sizers. I would not have them commit to pay until they are ready. 

If you are uncertain, don't pay unless you can get your money back. Texas certainly is not lacking plastic surgeons! :-)  you can always try another. 

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