PS Couldn't Remove All Scar Tissue Resulting from Seroma at Time of Capsulectomy? I Think That's my Issue. (photo)

Saline, smooth, unders. Had a redo in one b/c of seroma (2wks later). PS said at time of capsule removal, he wasn't able to get all scar tissue that had formed b/c he would risking puncturing a lung?? Left is smaller, not as full and aches most of the time. PS refused to redo me stating it would only get worse (I guess). When I lean over the implant doesnt fill out like the other & the breast is empty at the nipple area, like it's stuck to my chest wall! Does this happen and can I be fixed!?!

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Breast asymmetry

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A Preoperative photo from the front would be helpful to advise you.  It does not look like your present condition is due to remaining scar tissue though.  Find out the size of your implants also.

Maui Plastic Surgeon


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The principle problem that I can see is the size difference between the sides. That could well explain the difference in the second photo.

Assuming these are soft, free of capsular contracture, placement of a larger implant in the left side should improve the outcome.

Some questions for you:

  • are the implants equal size?
  • were the breasts even in size before the revision?
  • were the breasts even in size before the first surgery?

Thanks you for the question, and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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