My Eyes and Surrounding Area IE Temple and Forehead and Brow Still Swelling 1 Year Post Surgery? (photo)

In Dec 2011, had surgery to fix drooping lids, at the same time brow and under eye done with same incision-- After surgery , had massive sweling and redness - Then started swelling episodes eyes swelled shut countles times ,swelling in my temple area and forehead- Had 2nd surgey to remove suspected sutures in May 2012- Swelling continues No one knows Why. My opthomologist/Plastic MD. Internist & Allergist, do not have a clue- to many Steroids. I am desperate, Please help- -.

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Swelling after blepharoplasty

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This is very uncommon and unusual following eyelid surgery. It may be some sort of allergic reaction to suture material (possibly vicryl sutures) but if they were all removed then this is unlikely and should be resolving. It could be a problem with lymphatic drainage but why this happened is unknown. There's a new product called the Clarisonic Opal. It uses similar technology to the sonic toothbrush and the Clarisonic facial cleaning brush but it is designed to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. We have only had it in our office for about a week and I have not yet had the chance to try it in a post operative patient but we have had some good results with it. It may help with lymphatic drainage in the area and thus less swelling. It may be worth a try in your case. Good luck to you and let me know if you try it.

Eyelid surgery swelling usually gone in a month or two.

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Very hard to give you useful feed back.  Would need to see pictures before surgery.  This is not post operative swelling.  Looks like allergic reaction.  To what?

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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