How Do I Get My Worsening Varicose Veins to Disappear! (photo)

At 33 years old Im ready for my painful varicose veins to be gone! EVLT? Or, what treatment (if any) will take away the pain, burning and itching as well as erase the appearance of these ugly veins? I'm in control of my fitness and nutrition and would like to rid my legs of this painful nuisance once and for all. I had a doctor do a little sclerotherapy but if anything it only made them worse. Thank you in advance for any advice!!

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You need full venous evaluation with ultrasound.

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From the picture you have extensive varicose veins.  The most common cause of these are leaking valves(reflux) in the saphenous system. You may also have other veins involved such as the anterior accessory saphenous vein and the small saphenous vein.  To make the diagnosis and to help to formulate a treatment plan, you require a venous reflux exam.  This will show the leaking valves and their location.  EVLT or RF can then be done to close the leaking valves followed by microphlebectomies for the varicosities.  Sclerotherapy alone has no role for these veins.

Naples General Surgeon

You need more than sclerotherapy for those

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I can amost certainly assure you that you have mult-segmental venous insufficiency originating at the saphenofemoral junction (groin), mid thigh and the segment of the great saphenous vein below the knee. You need to be evaluated by Duplex venous scan and a road map to treatment will/can be made at that time. If you do have venous insufficiency, that can be treated with EVLT or Venefit procedure, following which YOU WILL need additional treatments such as microphlebectomy to take care of the large 'burden' of established varicose veins in the thigh and leg (1 session each) and aso foam sclerotherapy. So, look for a phlebologist (vein specialist) by ging to the american college of phlebology website physician locator and go from there. You can also read on my website below for more info about venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

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