How Can I Correct my Breast Asymmetry? (photo)

I am currently breastfeeding and now have a half size diff. In my breasts. During my pregnancy, my breasts did not grow much and a size diff. was only noticeable after I gave birth. Judging on my milk output I suspect I have tuberous breasts and because of my breast folds. Also when my areolas are hard, my breasts look a little better and my areolas are not as big. My question is, what can I get done to correct my breast asymmetry w/o implants? An can I have fat transfer to even them out? Help!

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Breast Asymmetry

It is very common to have breast asymmetry.  There are many techniques to improve significant asymmetries of the breast.  These techniques may include breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation and fat grafting.   It is recommended to wait at least 6 months following breast feeding and then be evaluated by a plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

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Breast Asymmetry during Lactation


Breast asymmetry is not uncommon, especially during lactation (breast feeding).  I would bet that EVERY plastic surgeon will advise you to complete your breast feeding, wait 3-6 months and reassess your breast appearance.  They will certainly change.  You also, do NOT have tuberous breasts.  The areolae have widened due to engorgement with lactation.  So, wait it out and consider consultation with an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified plastic surgeon 3-6 months after you finish breast feeding.  Good luck!

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Breast asymmetry

First, I would wait to re-evaluate them at least 6 months after you stop breast feeding.  Then if there is persistent asymmetry many different options are available depending upon what your goals are.

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Breast Asymmetry #breastimplants

Hi and thanks for your question. You have breast asymmetry which is very common. You would benefit from a breast lift procedure to re position the breast tissue on the chest wall. It will also reduce the size of your areola to a more desirable size. If you would like larger breasts then you could have fat transfer or breast implants to correct the asymmetry. Another option is to reduce the left breast to match the right breast. There are many different types of incisions to do these procedures and your surgeon will help guide you as to the best one for you.

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Breast Asymmetry

Thank you for sending the photos.  However, because you are breastfeeding this is not an accurate representation of what your breasts look like on a baseline level.  Pregnancy and lactation significantly change breast tissue.  It would be advisable to wait at least six months after you have finished breast feeding to get a better picture of what the true issues are that need to be addressed.  Generally speaking, a Mastopexy (breast lift) would make the breasts "perkier", reduce the aerola size, and could correct asymmetry.  Fat injections could be done as well, but your body reabsorbs fat over time and you might require revision at a later date.

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How Can I Correct my Breast Asymmetry? (photo)

Posted photo are NOT helpful because you are presently breasting. Allow 3 months post breast feeding than re post your question. 

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How Can I Correct my Breast Asymmetry? (photo)

Thank you for your great question and the information you have provided.  Yes, the solution to your problem is a bilateral lift, with fat transfer to the smaller side to even out the size.  Just make sure you are under the care of an experienced plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Correction of breast assymetry

In order to assess your breast assymetry, it is a good idea to wait until you are done with breast feeding. The size, volume and shape of your breasts will continue to change until at least 3 months after you stop nursing. If your assymerty is significant at that time, you will have several options. You may consider to accept one breast and try to match the other one to it by either augmentation, reduction and/or a lift with areolar reduction on the larger one. Please post your picture at that time to receive proffessional recommendation then.

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Breast Asymmetry


I would suggest you have a breast lift and at the same time if you do not mind and want to have more symmetrical breasts then have a small reduction on the left to even out the size.  This will also address the large areolas.  Alternatively if you wish to go larger then you can have fat grafting or breast implants done at the same time or at a second procedure.

Good luck

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Correcting breast asymmetry

In order to correct your degree of breast asymmetry you would need at least a breast lift.  If you want to be larger size then consider implants.  I would not consider fat transfer as a viable alternative to increase the volume of your breasts.  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Z

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