Chin Implant: High Placement Causing Numb Teeth?

I had a large chin implant put in 7 months ago, out of town. I have numbness in lower left incisors. Has resolved a bit, but still there. If I put pressure on the left wing of the implant, I get pressure sensation inside the teeth. Implant was fixed with sutures not screws. I asked surgeon to place the implant high, so it wouldn't lengthen my face. I'm afraid the implant is pressing against my dental roots. Should be concerned, or will it resolve? Easy to have my implant moved lower?

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Numbness from chin implant

 The chin implant is most likely riding too high across the mental nerve which is the sensory nerve to the  lower lip. The only option is to leave the implant alone and live with  the numbness, or remove the implant and replace  it in  a lower position.

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Numbness after chin implant

Chin implant surgery is great option to enhance other facial plastic surgery results, such as a rhinoplasty or lower face & neck lift. Often a chin implant alone is a good way to improve a weak chin. Most plastic surgeons use silicone implants which are placed directly on top of the chin bone. A small incision is placed under the chin to place the implant. 

Numbness can occur with chin implant surgery, which is usually temporary and resolves with time. Chin implants are usually not placed too high, since the implant can more likely affect the nerves in the area. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Speak with your plastic surgeon who may be able to adjust the position or size of the implant. Best of luck.

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Chin Implant Position Causing Tooth Numbness

Your chin implant is not resting on your tooth roots as they are protected by overlying bone. Most likely the wings of the implant may be resting up against the mental nerve which controls the feeling of the front teeth. The high placement of a chin implant is well known to cause that exact problem. This will not improve at this point after surgery. The chin implant can be repositioned lower.

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Chin Implant: High Placement Causing Numb Teeth?

The end of the implant is probably impinging on the mental nerve where it penetrates throught the mandible (jaw bone). That will cause the sensation of numbness in the teeth.A welll placed implant should not need any fixation of sutures or screws, but if it is touching the mental nerve, it may be possible to either move it or remove it and take away the feeling in your teeth. You need to see someone who is experienced in this type of surgery.

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Chin Implant: High Placement Causing Numb Teeth?

It is hard to say exactly what is going on. It is unlikely that the implant is pressing on your tooth or dental root but high placement can put pressure on the mental nerve which can create numbness. You are probably best off seeking a consultation locally or revisiting your out-of-town surgeon so they can evaluate your teeth, sensation and implant placement. I hope this information is helpful.

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