Cellulite and Chunky Thighs and Butt? (photo)

I am 5ft 2in and weigh 122lbs. Size 5. What is the best way to fix my theighs and butt. I workout and eat very healthy. I did get so fustraited at one point that for 6 months I only drank water and ate veggies and once in a while some meat. I dropped to 105 and a size 2 but my legs and butt were still cellulite and I was a grumpy humgry horrible person! Is this new Cellulaze safe? Does it work? A leg and butt lift? Lipo? What are my best options.

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Liposuction for Thighs and Butt

     These areas could be liposuctioned to remove some of the fat, but the quality of the skin will probably not be helped by any of those maneuvers. 

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You should see a Certified PS to get all your options. You can do Vaser Liposuction in the area you are not happy with.

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Cellulite treatment

The fact that you lost all that weight (congratulations on your success!) made for more laxity of the skin because more volume was taken out of the skin.  A skin reduction surgery is one of the best ways to remove some of the dimples, but is associated with a big surgery and recovery.  Cellulaze is an alternative for some.  Another that has not been mentioned is Vasersmooth and Vasershape that will may have a role.  Vasersmooth uses ultrasonic technology that cuts the bands through an incision like Cellulaze.  Vasersmooth uses external ultrasound to melt the fat and break up the cellulite.  Of course most medispa treatments are not as dramatic as a surgical option, but they have no incisions, no downtime, and no rnesthesia or recovery.  Go seek out a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and get a consultation.  That way you know you are seeing someone that is boarded by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, AND they do the majority of their work in aesthetic (or cosmetic) surgery.  Good luck

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Cellulite Treatment

       At this time, November 10, 2012, there is no treatment for cellulite that is relaible and proven.   I have served, and am serving as a head investigator on an FDA approved cellulite study and so far no treatment works.   I do not believe that the Cellulaze is effective and it is not worth spending your money for that treatment.  Any endeavor that disrupts the under surface of the skin - fat  junction will cause some temporary improvement because of the swelling.  Four months later you are back to square one.   Liposuction does zero to improve cellulite.  Creams do  zero to improve cellulite.  Cellulite massage and tight panty hose offer temporary improvement but only as long as you keep doing it and results are limited.  A full buttocks lift may help some but  is hard to select for a very young person of normal weight.  Fat transfer to balloon out the buttocks may help a little.  So, I cannot be very encouraging.  Go and visit 3 surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Do your homework on the internet.  Beware however because the internet is full of good, average, and bad advice.  Some internet advice is simply thinly veiled advertising.  See what is recommended.  Beware if anyone promises too much.  Get it in writing if the Moon and Stars are promised by any surgeon.  After your consultations think and do not be impulsive.  Nothing is worse that to spend your hard earned money and end up with only regrets and disappointment.  In the end there may  be very limited benefit from any treatment,  or you may be a candidate for some improvement.  Cellulite is a great challenge that is yet to be conquered.   It is a burden for many people.  Get good advice.  If you are still stumped ask many more questions on RealSelf.

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Cellulite and chunky thighs and butt. How to fix it?

Thank you for your question and photo. Although your photo is limited, cellulite and excess fat on the thighs and buttocks can be treated with liposuction and Cellulaze laser for the cellulite during the same procedure.The laser is very safe, minimally invasive procedure. It is done just like liposuction in the sense that the surgeon infiltrates the tumescent solution right under the skin. If a combination procedure is done, I prefer to do the Cellulaze laser first, followed by the liposuction. you would need to wear a compression garment with either procedure. The Cellulaze laser has built in safety features which prevent overheating or injuring the skin. See a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in bot treatment modalities. good luck.

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Cellulite treatment

A butt lift is far more effective than Cellulaze at treating cellulite.  We would need to see better pictures of you to give you more specific advice.

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